This past week, Craig and I went down to Charleston for a few days to relax and reconnect before work gets crazy for us later this fall. I had heard so much about how beautiful Charleston was and since I was already meeting my family for our traditional summer vacation in Hilton Head, SC the following week --- the timing just made so much sense.

I am putting together a City Guide for Charleston as we speak, but here are my outfit details from the week to hold you over until all of the food and entertainment recommendations you can handle! But really --- who knew how much of a foodie town Charleston is?!??! I ate so much Craig had to roll me back to the hotel every night! Thank god for flowy dresses....

This Mara Hoffman dress (via Rent the Runway) is probably one of my favourite pieces I have ever worn! Not only is the dress stunning --- I mean look at it --- But it has pockets! POCKETS! Everyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for pockets and this dress is giving me a bold print, lots of comfy breathable fabric, and deep pockets for hiding little treats! This dress is pure goddess goodness.  

I am a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan -- but sometimes struggle with the bold patterns. The breezy stunning pieces with bright bold colors just don't always work with my aesthetic. So when I found the Blossom Dress two years ago I HAD to have it. Unfortunately, they don't make this dress anymore but I found one avail HERE on eBay. Snatch it up --- you won't be sad you did! And also...POCKETS! Just know, this dress does have a built in corset and it can get very tight throughout the day in the heat. I for sure had to do a mid-day change into something a bit more breezy!

My go to look in the summer is a long pleated skirt and a 50's inspired faux crop-top. I just tie my favourite shirt up to the height I need it to the smallest bit of skin...and through a fabulous hat on. When I walk out the door I feel sexy and totally chic. This JCrew chambray is the most lightweight and durable shirt for the summer. I somehow never sweat in it. I also live in this skirt from ZARA which is unfortunately no longer available, but you can find similar skirts HERE and HERE. And the hat is available for only $15 at H&M. 

Ladies this pajama set only costs $25 from H&M. I literally wear it every night and can't get enough. The fabric is light and airy and oh so very cute! Get a set before they sell out! They are perfect for breakfast in bed ;) 

This dreamy dress is from the cutest little shop called The Impeccable Pig. The shop is a cute little boutique that I found in downtown Charleston, but they have locations all over the place and an online boutique. They have great jewlery and  fun pieces that you can mix and match!  I also found an amazing new necklace there that I will be wearing all the time!


I love a summer wedding! I really really do! It is pretty ironic because while I am in a domestic partnership with the most wonderful man, I'm not really sure that I want to have a big traditional wedding. But you better believe I love celebrating with my friends and dancing until my feet can't move anymore! I'm also the luckiest lady because my dapper man LOVES to cut a rug and has zero fear on the dance floor! 

This past weekend I went to Madison, WI to celebrate my old camp friend George and his beautiful new bride Ruth. Their wedding was full of lovely details, elegant flowers, and a doughnut cake --- basically it was a swoon worthy Pintrest board come to life! 

There were tons of wedding weekend events that all needed different looks! A fun Fourth of July themed rehearsal picnic (with a surprise ice-cream truck!), the beautiful country club wedding, and a delicious dinner with friends! Luckily, Rent the Runway hooked me up with some beautiful dresses for each occasion! 

I started the weekend festivities with this amazing Cynthia Steffe dress -- which I loved! The extra flow fabric came in hand when I decided to eat that extra veggie burger...and then the ice cream truck turned the corner! I ate all the things and still felt awesome!!! 

This Halston Heritage dress is so fabulous! I felt like I had stepped out of Mad Men and into the past! I felt like a modern day Audrey Hepburn for sure --- which you know I loved! How perfect was this country club's facade? It made for a perfectly retro shoot! 

This nha khanh is quite the statement! It made me feel like dancing all night long! It was the perfect dress for dinner with friends --- I felt fabulous and dressed it down with a ponytail and simple heels. The great thing about this dress however, is that it could easily be dressed up for any formal occasion!

Thank you so much Rent the Runway for these beautiful dresses! While this post was sponsored the opinions expressed are my own!


Some days you just have to spend time with your best friends sipping drinks in rooftop gardens, discussing the differences between Monet and Van Gogh, and literally crying while looking at fashion that has changed history. I can't recommend Manus X Machina enough. If you are in NYC and haven't headed to The Met to witness this rare and amazing collection of clothing you are missing out on something so special. Truly it is worth taking some time out of your weekend to walk through slowly and enjoy every bead, every stitch, and every detail. 

My friends are also the best people you could ever meet. As we were rushing around the exhibit, I would look at them and say things like, "OH MY GOD! This is the Dior that forever changed the waistline of women's evening fashion." They would smile and truly act interested then just look at each other like "This woman is a nutter --- but man we love her!" As we were leaving the exhibit, I looked over and my dear friend Robbie handed me a bag with the beautiful official coffee table book of the exhibit in it and simply said, "It's from all of us. We saw how happy this made you." And I just started to cry right there in the gift shop. 

Friends are a rare thing. Friends who understand you, love you unconditionally, and give back what they receive are the most delicious gift. I am so grateful for all of my nuggets in this life --- but these men -- these good, kind, lovey, intelligent, interested, and creative men make my soul full. 

[Also this Cynthia Rowley dress from Rent the Runway is to die for! If you love all things pink, orange and structured -- you should rent it for your next garden party!]

Dress - Cynthia Rowley

Shoes - Target

Hat - H&M


This holiday season I found that I was obsessed with everything TALBOTS and LAND'S END were creating. When I was growing up, both of those brands seemed like they created lines for "old ladies." But in the past few years, these brands have been pumping out such beautiful pieces that fit easily into any classic "American royalty" collection. They are full of warm plaids, glittery embellishments and  whimsical detailing. Here are a few of my favorite looks this season! 




I came home to Wintergreen Mountain in Virginia yesterday to help my parents pack up my childhood home. It is such a strange thing to go through all of the memories and put them away in boxes. I will really miss this view --- but can't wait for the new family adventures ahead! Fall weather has for sure started creeping in on the mountain. This morning I put on long sleeves and pants and sipped my coffee on the porch in the cool mountain air. I love New York City --- it has my heart --- but these mountains do hold a lot of my soul. It is good to come home and smell the trees!

SHIRT: Vineyard Vines

PANTS: Land's End

COFFEE: just plain amazing


Sometimes words fail me. Not usually --- because lets be honest I'm a pretty chatty lady. But tonight I had one of those moments where I just started laughing out loud out of sheer amazement at the fairy tale moment I was living in. Thanks to my wonderful mother and MasterCard, I had the privilege of having a magical dinner, prepared by chef Amanda Freitag, in the Temple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lovelies, I can't even begin to tell you how special this night was. 

There were only thirty of us sitting at beautiful long tables that had been draped in red and gold. Amazing flower arrangements were highlighted by the 400+ candles that had been scattered around the room. As the sun set, we watched the room light up with color! I ate until I popped, laughed until I cried, and tried to keep cool even though my inner anthropology and archaeology nerd was FREAKING OUT! 

Special thanks to Rent the Runway for making me feel like such a movie start tonight! 


I love to Date My City --- but sometimes I just need a wee break from the hustle. Enter some of my best friends and a quick day trip up to the Hamptons. This week, Brian, Robbie, Len and I rented a car and headed up to the Bay Street Theatre to see a production of Grey Gardens (starring the divine Rachel York and Betty Buckley!). On the way we stopped to play mini golf at the Southampton golf range! This place is amazing --- batting cages, mini golf, driving ranges, and all the Nathan's hot dogs you could ever want to eat! It is the perfect start to a low key afternoon! We made some fun (slightly terrifying?) animal friends and headed to the beach --- where I put down my camera and just enjoyed the view --- which was very beautiful by the way (sorry lovelies!). After a long day of beach picnics and mini golf we headed to the the Bay Street Theatre, which is intimate but is packed full of fabulous people and a powerhouse season. It is right on the of course I had to check out the marina and lighthouse! Our ride home consisted of great conversation, Carvel ice-cream and lots of McDonald's french fries --- BECAUSE WE ARE CLASSY LIKE THAT ;)


I threw this outfit together at the last minute and now I am terribly in love! I was worried that black would not work well in the summer  --- but the fun pop of lilac mixed with my lilac diamond necklace makes it totally summer evening appropriate! I can't wait to wear this outfit again soon!!

SKIRT - Chicwish

SHOES - Banana Republic





I got back to NYC today and man it makes my heart so happy. Some people need to leave the city to find peace --- but for me, the city brings me so much joy and levity. I love that I can walk down the street and see so many of my dear friends AND so many people I will never meet again. As a dancer, I love a dress that has a lot of swing to it. My fiancee couldn't get me to stop moving during this shoot so he finally gave up and just let me dance! 

DRESS -  BB Dakota (via Gigi's of Bluffton, SC)

SHOES - Zara