• The Five F's - Family. Friends. Food. Fanciness. Fun.
  • Difficult conversations that lead to meaningful relationships.
  • Living in a country that encourages political discourse --- even if sometimes it makes me crazy.
  • People who have patience and who earnestly allow people to grow on their own time.
  • Gold and white spray paint. They make everything look brand new and give old things a clean start.
  • Authentic moments between two people who understand a situation on a different level from everyone else around them. A look across the dinner table --- The brush of a hand in the middle of a crowded room --- A deep sigh heard through a closed door.
  • People who are full of encouragement even when they have no clue what they are encouraging you to do.
  • Late night cuddles and back scratchies when they are desperately needed.  
  • A sister who will do anything to pull me out of my darkness --- and who knows when I need it even without me saying a word.
  • Co-workers who keep me warm when the heat is turned off, make me laugh when I want to pull my hair out, and encourage me to be myself even if it is not always what the industry deems normal.
  • MOVIES, TELEVISION, and AMAZING THEATRE. When art makes me think, pushes me to be smarter than I am, and forces me to imagine a world different from my own --- all while making me see my world in a truer light --- it makes me love having the brain I was given and encourages me to live my life to a fuller and deeper existence. 
  • Long weekends in the woods with people who understand the truest version of myself. And people who need me to start the wood stove because otherwise they will freeze. 
  • Being truly seen by someone -- and that fact that he lets me see him.
  • All the years of summer camps and intensives that have led to so many meaningful friendship and work relationships. Who would have thought theatre camp would have brought me here?
  • Mani/pedis, massages, hot baths, and a whole slew of modern luxuries that I too frequently take for granted. 
  • Seeing the world with my family and the many blessings that experiencing life outside of my bubble has given me.
  • Game nights, Holiday traditions, late nights at Harlem Jazz clubs, movie marathons, dinner parties, road trips, hours of private karaoke, supper club concerts, nights at the theatre, trips upstate, car ride sing-alongs, beach adventures, mini golf madness, shopping dates and all of the time well spent with my lovelies. [Here's to us. Who's like us? Damn few!]

All food in this spread was cooked and styled by my amazing sister chef COLLIER LUMPKIN. For more beautiful food check out her INSTAGRAM and WEBSITE