I have never been one to love pink. I have always thought it too girl for my Katharine Hepburn ways. But this winter I am so drawn to the sweet hues of peach, rose gold, and coral. These are my some of my most favourite pink items from the season! 

Perfume: Lovely by SJP  --  Phone Cover: Kate Spade --  Necklace: Kate Spade  --  Earrings: H&M  --  Watch: Target --  Pink Lip Gloss: TheBalm  -- Peach Lip Gloss: Moxie by Bare Minerals  --  Tray: Threshold for Target

Soap: local vendor in Eze, France  --  Earrings: H&M  --  Roller Perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs  --  Necklace: Banana Republic  --  Wallet etc.: Kate Spade  --  Bra: Target  --  Diamond Earrings: J. Crew  --  Makeup: Naked

Coat: Lands End  --  Boots: H&M  --  Purse: H&M  --  Dress: Urban Outfitters  --  Hat: Forever 21  --  Gloves: C Wonder