Some people are just born with this amazing ability to make something beautiful from nothing. If you have ever had the pleasure of spending time with chef Collier Lumpkin, you know that she is the kind of woman who can look at a pantry filled with one shallot, peanut butter, and soy sauce and end up with a three course homemade Thai dinner. 

The same could be said for her beautiful Upper West Side Studio apartment. When you walk into her subtle space, you instantaneously feel as though you have been transported to an artists' studio in Paris. Light floods through her small windows and her hand painted murals glow with a sense of homespun whimsy. Nothing in her apartment is expensive or too glamorous. Rather, it is all cut from magazines, hand painted and fully embodies a life pieced together by experience. 

You step out onto her lovely terrace, where she is growing a large urban garden, and you feel as though you have stepped both back in time and into an Italian garden. You are transfixed by the juxtaposition of the skyline of Old New York and the hand painted mural of Tuscany. 

The apartment is a beautiful representation of a hand crafted life. A life made of pasta and boats, of backpacks and train cars, of herbs and salt. If you are lucky enough to be invited --- make sure you bring an empty belly and know you will leave with a touch of envy!