My dear friend Andrew Chappelle is currently a member of the cast of the most anticipated Broadway show in decades -- Hamilton The Musical. Andrew and I met a few years ago and have worked on a lot of projects together but when he asked me to design his dressing room space I was SO thrilled. A dressing room becomes a home away from home for people in long running shows, so I wanted to create something that felt warm, inviting, and most importantly a place that Andrew would want to spend a lot of time in. Andrew asked me to create something masculine that was in the same visual style as the show. For those of you who haven't seen Hamilton, it tells the story of Alexander Hamilton's life and infamous death. The set is made of aged wood, ropes and beautiful warm light. So with a budget of $100, I ran to Home Goods and put together a lot of mixed woods, surfaces that were easy to clean, and rope accents. I also hand painted a watercolor of one of Andrew's costumes in the show. I'm really proud of what I created for him!

Check out the before and after pics below --- then go see Hamilton (if you can get tickets!)!!!