Being a lady blogger is wonderful. It is also quite often a life held together with duck tape and a dream. We all know that a life presented on the internet is not always the truth of the person presenting it. To be honest, I am currently sitting in a pair of pajamas (that probably should have gone to the cleaners last week), eating left over macaroni and cheese, and wondering if it would be smarter to go wash my greasy face before or after I finish writing this post. #highfashion #foodporn #beautyroutine  

This is why I love the t-shirt in this outfit. Because here is the truth lovelies, I did not wake up looking like I did in these photographs. BUT --- I did wake up feeling glamorous and put together. I made it my mission a few months ago to really attempt to let go of the baggage. My body image will always be a struggle --- but I can actively work to make my mind stronger. I can actively work to change the language in my heart. I told myself that if I woke up everyday and said, "Self --- you are feeling very Blair Waldorf chic today" then maybe I would start to believe it. To my surprise --- it's working. My clothes fit better. My sense of style is more exciting. I feel at home in my tailored dresses but I also feel glamorous in workout clothes. Very slowly, the baggage is getting lighter. 

Honestly, I put this outfit on today to go buy an iced coffee and macarons...because I was feeling peckish. I felt like a movie star walking to the wee shop ---- However, the second I got home I threw on what Craig and I call "comfy clothes." Bra off, skirt off, heavy necklace off. T-shirt on, 'Doctor Who' on, my date with the macarons...ON. 

Because even Beyonce must enjoy leftovers and BBC. 

Skirt: ZARA  --  Shirt: FRANCESCAS  --  Necklace: KATE SPADE  --  Heels: H&M  --  Sunnies: TARGET  --  Macarons: MACARON CAFE NYC