Sno-Cones, fireworks, my fiancee and my lady loves. Who could ask for anything more?

I really am the luckiest lady there ever was. Never is that more clear to me than when I am surrounded by the people I love, in the city I love, celebrating the fact that I am free to love them.

This Independence Day I really was struck at how deeply proud I felt to be an American. Which for me was strange, as I am not typically hyper-patriotic. Recently though, there has been a shift in me. I am becoming more and more proud of the nation we might be becoming --- or at least a nation that is continually fighting to better itself. While we still have so far to go --- these past few weeks have shown that while we may be a relatively new country in the grand scheme of history, and though we have made many mistakes in our adolescence, we can make change. We can move forward. And if we continue to create conversations about difficult truths, we can attempt to heal. 

We can also make one hell of a picnic! It really is pretty amazing to have a chef for a sister! She makes so many delicious treats and lets me have the kitchen to bake every once in a while! Check out our urban picnic....and (not planned!) matching white pants!  

White Jeans (on all three ladies!): LANDS END  --  Shirt (on Kate & Collier): LANDS END  -- Polo Shirt (on Lucy): VINEYARD VINES  --  Lip: NARS PURE MATT (VESUVIO)

All savory treats in this post were cooked and styled by COLLIER LUMPKIN. Follow her on Instagram @collierlewis.