I spent the morning on the Upper East Side sipping coffee and reading books then ended the day eating ice-cream on the Lower East Side! Collier suggested my that we get a delicious breakfast at Blue Stone Lane. They have recently opened a new location in the Upper East Side in a beautiful old church. The food is delicious and the coffee is so wonderful that when my sister sipped her cappuccino, she squealed "Oh my goodness! It is just like Italy!" I got portobello mushrooms with feta cheese, pesto and a poached egg on the most delicious bread ever!!

We then walked down to Albertine Books, which specializes in French books. It was was just a short walk away from brunch so we spent some time dreaming of Paris and looking to the stars! What makes the place so special is the amazing ceiling in the reading room. 

The final stop of the day was at Ice and Vice for the most delicious cone I have ever had! Get down there! We got the inside scoop and in the next few weeks they are rolling out lots of new fruit flavors for the end of summer! I can't wait to go back and try them all!