Sometimes words fail me. Not usually --- because lets be honest I'm a pretty chatty lady. But tonight I had one of those moments where I just started laughing out loud out of sheer amazement at the fairy tale moment I was living in. Thanks to my wonderful mother and MasterCard, I had the privilege of having a magical dinner, prepared by chef Amanda Freitag, in the Temple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lovelies, I can't even begin to tell you how special this night was. 

There were only thirty of us sitting at beautiful long tables that had been draped in red and gold. Amazing flower arrangements were highlighted by the 400+ candles that had been scattered around the room. As the sun set, we watched the room light up with color! I ate until I popped, laughed until I cried, and tried to keep cool even though my inner anthropology and archaeology nerd was FREAKING OUT! 

Special thanks to Rent the Runway for making me feel like such a movie start tonight!