Some days you just have to spend time with your best friends sipping drinks in rooftop gardens, discussing the differences between Monet and Van Gogh, and literally crying while looking at fashion that has changed history. I can't recommend Manus X Machina enough. If you are in NYC and haven't headed to The Met to witness this rare and amazing collection of clothing you are missing out on something so special. Truly it is worth taking some time out of your weekend to walk through slowly and enjoy every bead, every stitch, and every detail. 

My friends are also the best people you could ever meet. As we were rushing around the exhibit, I would look at them and say things like, "OH MY GOD! This is the Dior that forever changed the waistline of women's evening fashion." They would smile and truly act interested then just look at each other like "This woman is a nutter --- but man we love her!" As we were leaving the exhibit, I looked over and my dear friend Robbie handed me a bag with the beautiful official coffee table book of the exhibit in it and simply said, "It's from all of us. We saw how happy this made you." And I just started to cry right there in the gift shop. 

Friends are a rare thing. Friends who understand you, love you unconditionally, and give back what they receive are the most delicious gift. I am so grateful for all of my nuggets in this life --- but these men -- these good, kind, lovey, intelligent, interested, and creative men make my soul full. 

[Also this Cynthia Rowley dress from Rent the Runway is to die for! If you love all things pink, orange and structured -- you should rent it for your next garden party!]

Dress - Cynthia Rowley

Shoes - Target

Hat - H&M