I love a summer wedding! I really really do! It is pretty ironic because while I am in a domestic partnership with the most wonderful man, I'm not really sure that I want to have a big traditional wedding. But you better believe I love celebrating with my friends and dancing until my feet can't move anymore! I'm also the luckiest lady because my dapper man LOVES to cut a rug and has zero fear on the dance floor! 

This past weekend I went to Madison, WI to celebrate my old camp friend George and his beautiful new bride Ruth. Their wedding was full of lovely details, elegant flowers, and a doughnut cake --- basically it was a swoon worthy Pintrest board come to life! 

There were tons of wedding weekend events that all needed different looks! A fun Fourth of July themed rehearsal picnic (with a surprise ice-cream truck!), the beautiful country club wedding, and a delicious dinner with friends! Luckily, Rent the Runway hooked me up with some beautiful dresses for each occasion! 

I started the weekend festivities with this amazing Cynthia Steffe dress -- which I loved! The extra flow fabric came in hand when I decided to eat that extra veggie burger...and then the ice cream truck turned the corner! I ate all the things and still felt awesome!!! 

This Halston Heritage dress is so fabulous! I felt like I had stepped out of Mad Men and into the past! I felt like a modern day Audrey Hepburn for sure --- which you know I loved! How perfect was this country club's facade? It made for a perfectly retro shoot! 

This nha khanh is quite the statement! It made me feel like dancing all night long! It was the perfect dress for dinner with friends --- I felt fabulous and dressed it down with a ponytail and simple heels. The great thing about this dress however, is that it could easily be dressed up for any formal occasion!

Thank you so much Rent the Runway for these beautiful dresses! While this post was sponsored the opinions expressed are my own!